Our Methodology for Training

As a strong advocate for educational enhancement, our company has placed extensive interest and value on adult learning within an organization. Our company’s CEO and facilitators who join us can manage and conduct the sessions provided in this response. We have over 100 combined years of dedicated services in training and development, specifically in conducting experiential instructor-led sessions.

We apply various adult learning methods in our courses to enhance the learning opportunities of our participants;
however, our primary formula for instructor-led training is

E² + T² = P

  • Educate

    The participants with the latest information in the scheduled subject area.

  • Empower

    Participants with a greater knowledge and understanding of various subjects to increase their confidence in applying what they learned. 

  • Transfer

    Enhance participants' ability to recall something learned in a classroom setting to a fast-paced work environment by using a mixture of learning venues such as lectures, gamification, simulated exercises, case studies, problem-solving, scenarios, and much more.

  • Transformation

    Increasing participants' desire to change their practices, processes, and behaviors.

  • Performance

    Our training is designed to optimize each participant's performance with the ability to apply what they learned immediately.

Professional Development Services

We specialize in talent development for the up-and-coming business professional who desires to reach higher levels of success. Let our dedicated cadre of facilitators, instructors, and coaches work with your team to assist you in optimizing your workforce potential by training them in various soft and leadership skills.  We are sure our courses and seminars will provide your employees with the necessary competencies for improved performance and professionalism.

The following is a list of trainings we provide;
however, if you do not see a course that you need, please contact us.

Professional Development Services and Training

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    Interpersonal Communication

  • icon-professional (1)

    Communication and Collaboration

  • icon-services (10)

    Professional and Leadership Development

  • icon-services (9)

    Personal Branding

  • icon-services (8)

    Adapting to change

  • icon-services (7)

    Leadership Development

  • icon-professional (5)


  • icon-professional (4)

    Creating an individual development plan (IDP)

Marietta at TADS Table
  • icon-professional (3)


  • icon-services (5)

    Managing conflict

  • icon-services (6)

    Time Management

  • icon-services (3)

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Seminar

  • icon-services (2)

    Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) Seminar

  • icon-services (1)

    We can customize any of our training programs to fit your business needs

  • icon-professional (2)

    Personal Assessments (Over 50 different types of online assessments)

Professional development includes your personal branding, communications strategies, and leadership consulting. There is no better way to enhance your portfolio as a professional and develop your soft skill competencies in no time.

Organizational Development and Effectiveness

Training and Development Strategies, LLC, is a small business company with a big business plan for human capital management. We understand that for you to meet your strategic objectives, you need a cohesive and competent workforce.  We aim to cultivate your workforce by focusing on specific competencies that address your organizational needs. Our dynamic facilitators have decades of human capital management experience and will always work with your team to provide superior and customized services. Investing in your workforce will bring long-term dividends, resulting in greater productivity.

Let us be a part of your succession planning and workforce development, and you will see the difference.

Organizational Development Services and Training

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  • icon-training (13)

    Employee motivation

  • icon-training (12)

    Change management

  • icon-training (11)

    Generational Differences

  • icon-training (10)

    Strategic Planning

  • icon-training


  • icon-training (9)

    Organization Assessments

  • icon-training (8)

    Diversity Management and Inclusion

EEO Refresher -Open Enrollment
  • icon-training (7)

    Leadership Development

  • icon-training (6)

    Team Building

  • icon-training (5)

    Customer Experience/Customer Service

  • icon-training (2)

    Mentoring Program Development

  • icon-training (4)

    Performance Management

  • icon-training (3)

    We can customize any of our training programs to fit your business needs

Organizational Development and Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness includes team building, strategic planning, and general performance management. This is the perfect way to strengthen the core values of personnel, and improve human capital management.

When you're done, you'll maximize effectiveness in your workforce. All of our performance management services stress organization and how to implement it in the workplace.

Equal Employment Opportunity Solutions

With Training and Development Strategies LLC, you'll get in-depth EEO training, EEO consulting, and similar instruction at your location or ours. This service is often needed to meet annual federal requirements that are directed by the EEOC.

We can greatly assist organizations in enhancing or overhauling their equal opportunity/civil rights program to achieve greater prominence and effectiveness. We specialize in building practical business models that produce dynamic long-term results.

A small investment with us will yield big dividends for your organization.


EEO Training & Consulting Solutions

We deliver top-quality training to civil rights and equal employment opportunity practitioners.  We can develop a training plan that will surpass any agency's requirements. Our senior consultants have decades of experience in civil rights and equal employment opportunity and have served in several leadership positions. Additionally, our consultants have been presenters at national conferences.

Our EEO services include custom-designed training through several courses. These courses cover many vital areas of training, including:

EEO Services and Training

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  • icon-eeo (1)

    EEO Program Evaluation

  • icon-eeo (8)

    EEO Counseling

  • icon-services-eeo (11)

    Prevention of Sexual Harassment Course

  • icon-services-eeo (10)

    Special Emphasis Program Manager Course

  • icon-services-eeo (9)

    Basic EEO Counselor's 32-Hour Course

  • icon-eeo (7)


  • icon-eeo (6)

    Basic Barrier Analysis

  • icon-services-eeo (5)

    Disability & Reasonable Accommodations

  • icon-services-eeo (4)

    8-Hour EEO Counselor Re-certification

  • icon-services-eeo (3)

    EEO for Supervisors

  • icon-services-eeo (2)

    EEO for Employees

  • icon-eeo (5)

    How to Develop an Effective EEO Program

  • icon-services-eeo (1)

    We can customize any of our training programs to fit your business needs

  • icon-eeo (4)

    Alternate Dispute Resolution

  • icon-eeo (3)

    EEO training mandated by the court or the EEOC

  • icon-eeo (2)


  • icon-services-eeo (6)

    Religion in the Workplace

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