Oliver C. Allen, Jr., MSA

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Oliver is a renowned and dynamic national speaker with over 40 years of leadership and training experience. He has served in numerous senior leadership positions with the Federal government and the military and currently is…

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Marietta M. Allen

Chief Operating Officer

Marietta M. Allen is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Training and Development Strategies, LLC, located in Manassas, VA. TADSLLC is a small business entity specializing in three key elements, Human Resources Management, Equal…

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Facilitators & Instructors

Chrystal R. Young

Chrystal’s civil service career spanned more than 35 years prior to her recent retirement….

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Dr. Betsy Bell, Ph.D.

Founder and business owner Dr. Betsy Bell is a charismatic and inspirational Alternative Dispute…

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Lorraine R. Burnett-Hill

Before joining the Training and Development Strategies team as a consultant and facilitator, Lorraine…

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Alfranda “Al” Durr, MBA

Alfranda “Al” Durr currently serves as CEO of ALD & Associates a management consulting…

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Patricia Russell-McCloud, ESQ

Patricia Russell-McCloud has more than 30 years on the lecture circuit and is categorized…

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Rosyln D. Brown

Before retiring from the government, Roslyn Brown was the Director Intelligence Community EEO and…

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